According to our data base, this is the most recent accounting who has paid what when.  If the date in the "Date Joined" column is more than a year ago, then your dues are due.  Please submit a membership application with your payment; insurance requires us to have a recent (within 1 year) signature on file in order for you to be covered.

I'm sure there are some mistakes here -- we're not pro accountants, we're people using our spare time to do this stuff -- so don't scream and shout and muck about if the date is not correct.  Simply email Don at to calmly state your case, and we will get things straightened out.

Also, we have kept some former members on the roles for a while, but will be purging the info of anyone who is over 18 months behind.  Some people have moved away, some were students and now would have to (gasp!) pay, and some just plain don't run anymore. -- your dues are a direct contribution to the Cross Country and Track teams at Key West High School.  By paying your dues, you help to ensure good equipment and on-the-road accommodations for those athletes, and we thank you for it!
FirstName LastName MemberType DateJoined
Jane Adams Single 2/6/2007
Deborah Aeschliman Family 9/6/2008
Chris Akens Single 10/16/2008
Roger Anderson Single 10/3/2008
Kim Austin Single 9/29/2008
Mike Bailey Family 4/1/2008
Susan Bailey Family 4/1/2008
Rachel Baillargeon Single 7/10/2009
Kimberly Banning Single 1/28/2008
Robert Barrios Family 11/5/2008
Cara M. Barstow Single 7/19/2008
Chuck Bayles Family 6/1/2008
Mira Bedo Single 4/28/2008
Michael Behmke Family 9/5/2008
Abi Bell Single 8/26/2007
Mark Bell Single 5/5/2008
Kate Bentley Single 2/4/2008
Henry Bernazani Senior 9/18/2008
Debra Bertolini Single 1/1/2008
Joel Blakeman Comp 6/24/2010
Jimmy Boesch Single 12/3/2008
Gerald Bolduc Single 9/22/2007
Peter Anthony Bombaro Jr Family 12/23/2008
Bill Bond Family 1/2/2009
Bill Bonetz Single 4/1/2008
Lori Bosco Comp 6/1/2010
Richard Breese Family 8/6/2009
Scott Brock Family 7/2/2008
Kevin Budny Single 8/22/2008
Alexander Cabrera Jr. Student 8/28/2008
Julio Noel Castro Single 11/27/2007
Jennifer Catalano Single 7/27/2008
Grace Chaney Family 5/29/2007
David Clang Family 4/1/2008
David Clever Single 1/24/2009
Carol Coates Single 2/15/2009
Jud Colley Single 5/29/2007
Sue Cooke Comp 7/7/2010
Greer Cornell Single 7/11/2008
Hugo Cortes Single 11/1/2008
Kevin Crews Single 7/13/2008
Veronica Crisci Single 1/9/2008
Donald Cruse Single 4/8/2008
Bob Dalton Family 7/7/2007
Heidi Davila Single 8/22/2007
Taz Davis Family 4/15/2008
Jo A. DeCamp Single 7/5/2007
Dr Michael Derouin Comp 10/3/2010
Valerie Detweiler Family 2/17/2007
Shane Dimando Single 1/9/2008
Tommy & Sara Dodamead Student 6/1/2007
Robert Douville Single 5/10/2008
Trevor P Downes Family 7/26/2008
Arthur Duffy Family 2/1/2009
Natalia Duke Single 7/7/2008
Andrew Ensminger Single 7/21/2008
Sarah Escott Single 4/2/2008
Timothy Faucette Single 4/4/2008
Bob Feldman Family 1/26/2009
Hans Fendl Senior 11/12/2008
Cale Ferguson Family 7/7/2007
Larry Ferguson Family 10/20/2008
Lou Fisher Family 9/22/2008
Jackie Ford Sparber Family 7/20/2008
Chris Forsee Family 2/1/2008
Mickey A. Foster Single 6/11/2008
Bart Francis Single 2/19/2009
Sheree Ganske Family 6/8/2008
Wayne Garcia Single 4/2/2007
Fred Giankas Single 12/11/2007
Dennis Gill Family 11/12/2007
Dan Glauber Single 8/12/2008
Gary Goelz Family 5/10/2008
Sheri Golden Single 4/1/2007
Josette Goodroe Single 12/27/2008
Dennis Gormley Single 2/2/2008
Bob Green Single 2/12/2007
Stephanie Griffin Single 1/2/2009
Gary Griffis Single 6/29/2007
Laure Grube Family 10/27/2008
Bob Guhl Single 3/1/2008
Arlene Haessler Single 1/9/2008
Jay Hall Family 2/5/2009
Bud Halldorson Senior 11/20/2008
Susan Ham Single 4/12/2007
Jane Hamilton Family 8/1/2008
Justin Hamilton Student 9/13/2008
Daniel J. Hankes Single 7/5/2007
Richard Hanson Single 4/1/2008
Zach Harden Student 9/13/2008
Chuck Hargrove Single 1/31/2009
Tony Harlacher Family 5/5/2008
Susan Harrison Single 6/22/2007
Richard Hatch Student 9/3/2008
Edward Healy Single 12/7/2008
Geni Hernandez Family 3/1/2008
Sue Hilgendorf Family 5/5/2007
Larry Hirsch Senior 3/1/2009
Solene Huchon Single 4/12/2007
Denise Hull Single 6/20/2008
Donna Hulme Single 10/1/2008
Kieran Jacobsen Student 8/31/2008
Kopp James Single 1/11/2008
Christopher Jones Single 5/12/2008
Chester Kalb Family 12/31/2008
Edie Kehoe Family 4/1/2008
Marc Kennedy Family 10/1/2008
Pat Kersey Single 4/1/2008
Jenna Ketcham Single 2/12/2008
Janice Kitching Single 2/10/2007
Phil Klausing Comp 7/17/2010
Samuel Klitenick Student 9/5/2008
Susan Kochan Single 3/1/2008
Paul Koisch Single 2/2/2007
Bill Kruczynski Single 1/25/2009
Steve Kruse Single 6/1/2007
Tony Kuhn Senior 1/1/2009
Katie Leigh Family 12/28/2007
Patricia Lenny Single 6/29/2008
Eva Limbert Single 4/2/2007
Graciela Lozano Comp 6/1/2010
Jill Lynch Comp 6/6/2010
Rick Mac Kenzie Single 1/19/2009
Kirsti Madeo Single 4/4/2008
Chris Majchrowicz Single 2/2/2008
Jack Maltz Family 6/14/2008
Cheryl Martin Single 2/23/2008
JP Martin Single 8/31/2008
Orestes Martinez Jr. Single 2/5/2007
Shawn Mc Bratnie Comp 6/1/2010
Mary Mc Cord Single 2/20/2007
Susan Mc Gregor Single 6/11/2007
Cindy Mc Veigh Family 1/4/2009
Sean McCaffiey Single 8/26/2008
Laurie McChesney Single 11/1/2008
Joanna McCoy Student 3/1/2008
Tracy McDonald Single 2/5/2009
David McMullen Family 9/2/2008
James Mill Single 11/24/2007
Veronica Mir Single 5/10/2008
Barbara Neal Family 1/1/2008
Don Nelson Family 12/3/2008
James Noland Single 3/25/2007
Jackie Norman Family 5/2/2007
Bill O' Brien Single 11/17/2008
Neal Oliver Single 3/20/2007
Miguel Ortega Single 10/23/2008
Jim Painter Family 3/1/2011
Fred Parker Single 1/9/2009
Dave Perkins Comp 6/1/2010
Dave Perry Comp 7/7/2010
Robert Peryam Single 9/20/2007
Donna M. Phillips Single 8/23/2008
C. J. Quiggle Single 3/3/2008
Margie Randall Single 1/21/2009
Thomas P Ravenel Single 6/27/2008
George Rawnsley Senior 6/6/2008
Julie Reed Family 5/10/2008
Rebecca Reed Single 12/1/2007
Chase Renner Family 9/4/2008
Daryl Riedel Single 7/3/2007
Florina Rogers Family 4/1/2008
Felipe Rubio Family 11/11/2008
Ed Salazar Single 5/23/2008
Graham Savage Single 4/2/2008
Turner Savana Single 1/10/2008
Karen Schievelbein Single 11/6/2008
Joan Scholz Family 3/1/2008
Lindsey Seniuk Family 6/15/2007
Dave Sermak Single 7/14/2008
Colin Smith Family 2/16/2009
Jim Smith Single 1/1/2008
Scott Smith Single 6/3/2009
Evan Snitkoff Single 1/29/2008
Kelly Sorg Single 1/30/2007
Bill Springer Single 6/8/2007
Raquel Stockton Student 8/23/2007
Martin Sykut Single 1/30/2009
Michael Tomes Single 7/28/2008
Angela Tripe Family 5/15/2008
Peter Troy Single 4/19/2008
Kelley Valle Family 4/1/2008
John Van Der Tuyn Single 8/6/2008
Don Vertregt Single 4/1/2008
Cindy Vincent Single 6/5/2008
Pete Volkmar Family 7/2/2008
Derek Wallis Single 7/19/2008
Rev William Welzien Family 7/7/2008
Terence White Comp 7/10/2008
 Lilla Whiteside Family 7/4/2008
Bonnie Williams Single 9/16/2008
Rob Wolfe Single 5/10/2008
Barbara Wright Comp 6/1/2010
Tracy A Ziegler Single 1/26/2009