KWSR October 7th Social 6:30 PM with optional 5K Fun Run
@ Mc Coy Indigenous Park

Grand Prix Awards Party

Come meet the winners, see Listing below!

Food and Drink

Members will be providing food, KWSR will be providing Drink

There will be plenty but feel free to add your favorite!

Learn about our new youth awards.


Come see the new KWSR racing singlet

Shorts coming soon

Summer Grand Prix Winners, Gift cards to top 3 in each category.

Name GP Points

Ty Walinski 11
Doug Weeks 11
Eric Mealus 6
Keith Durden 5
Terry Doughtry 4

Male Masters
Ty Walinski 11
Terry Doughtry 4
Roger Fisher 3

Nicole Matysik 21
Haley Herriott 9
Priscilla Welzien 8
Jane Welzien 7

Female Masters
Haley Herriott 9
Patria McGee 4
Raquel Robbins 4

Rick MacKenzie 19
Dennis Gromley 13
Donna Phillips 13
Taz Davis 12
Bill Welzien 10
Mark Bell 10
Beth Moyes 10
Lazaro Ledesma 7
Debra Higgins 6
Michael Higgins 6
Haley Herriott 5
Gerda Kalb 5